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Open your company in Hungary

With LegalSetup, it's as easy as "1-2-3" to do Hungary legal paperwork such as opening a new business, contracts and more.


1. Choose your company name

Choosing a name for your is the key. Take the time to properly choose a name for you business! It is an extension of you, and your personal branding.
Also make sure to have a few alternative names setup. Just in case yours is already taken or unavailable.

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2. Choose a package

Already have a name in mind for your company? Great! now let's check the different packages we have available to set your company up.

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3. Start the registration process

We make it easy to register your company in Hungary. Simply enter the company name and go through the process. Depending on the country you are registering the company in, we may ask for more details, deposits, etc.

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4. Pay deposit

No worries, this is just to make sure you are as serious as we are on setting up your business. The amount of the deposit will be used to start the process of the package you selected.

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Done! Your Company in Hungary is created!

Now you need to find a lawyer, an accountant, and maintain good track of your company's activity in Hungary to be fully compliant.

“Really happy I found LegalSetup. Saved a lot of time and headaches to create my company in Hungary. Will work with them again! ”
Jason B.
LegalSetup Customer

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Create your Company in Hungary

We are your legal experts in Hungary. We will help you setup your Hungarian company properly.

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